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crystal healer and energry healer workstation



I offer bespoke Energy Healing Sessions tailored to your specific needs. Listening not only to your words but also energetically, I discern what is required to optimise your well-being and self-healing. 


Whether you're dealing with physical, emotional, or spiritual challenges, my holistic approach integrates various modalities to restore balance, leaving you relaxed and at peace. 


Sessions vary in duration from 60 to 90 minutes - they last as long as they need to last. 


Individual sessions are £80 each, with packages available upon request.



For those wishing to work with crystals at home, I offer a crystal prescription service.  


Working with you to understand your current needs, I tailor a prescription of crystals for you to take home, or send to you if the session is not in person.  

The combination of crystals selected will help you to address your situation, whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual. 

Price on request.



Much like crystal prescriptions, I also design bespoke crystal grids for my clients. A crystal grid involves a deliberate arrangement of crystals to amplify their individual energies, creating a powerful, harmonious energy field. 

The crystals synergistically enhance each other's properties. Clients often utilise these grids for manifestation, meditation, or healing purposes. 


The selection of crystals and their specific arrangement is guided by their unique properties and the intended outcome, ensuring a tailored and purposeful energy experience.

Price on request.

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