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I am a holistic practitioner specialising in crystal, energy and sound healing, based in South East England.

For as long as I can remember I have had a deep interest in crystals and holistic therapies, but in 2003, while working for the NHS and studying Radiotherapy, I was diagnosed with ME. My life was suddenly thrown into turmoil and I found myself drawn towards practices that would help me heal my own body as well as my mind and soul.


My journey began with mediation, and this quickly led to me Crystal Healing and eventually to Sound Healing and Energy Healing.  All of which have had a profound impact on my life, improving my overall wellbeing and ultimately leading me to become a practitioner and teacher. 


I believe in treating the mind, body and soul as a whole and that integrating holistic treatments with conventional medicine offers a more comprehensive approach to wellness, that not only addresses physical symptoms but also nurtures our mental and spiritual wellbeing.

a picture of Penny King


As an Energy Healer, I work intuitively with you and employ various modalities, including crystal healing, sound healing, vibrational healing, reiki, angelic reiki, meditation and other energetic practises.  I tailor each healing experience, listening verbally and energetically to what is required in that exact moment so that when you leave the session you feel refreshed, recharged and your energy has been brought back into balance.


I have a large crystal store, where I handpick and source high quality and unique crystals, from tumble stones and accessories to large statement pieces.  I do not buy anything that I do not personally resonate with and I love how each crystal has a different energetic signature and that they can be carried with you to be used anywhere.


Working with my clients, I create crystal grids which are prescriptions of combinations of crystals and are bespoke to each individual, offering support through life situations and health issues.


A small selection of my crystals are available online to buy, however I have a very large collection, so please do contact me if you can’t find what you looking for.  I offer a personal shopping experience by zoom, or in person, and I also support select wholesale accounts.


Not only that, I am also a teacher and mentor.  I offer courses, workshops and bespoke 121 training in various holistic modalities, catering to beginners as well as seasoned practitioners and those interested in teaching.

I also offer children's sessions and am passionate about teaching the next generation about the the importance of mindfulness, meditation and self-healing. Children of today are very in tune with crystals and energy and this needs to be developed.


I am committed to providing my clients with a fully bespoke experience tailored to the unique needs of each individual. Whether you are looking for healing treatments, crystal guidance, or are a student under my instruction, I am passionate about creating a unique journey for everyone person I have the privilege to work with.

Crystals in a bowl
crystal healer providing crystal grid and crystal guidance
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