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crystal reiki workshop

This introductory workshop has been created for Reiki practitioners who would like to add a
further dimension to their healing sessions with the addition of crystals.


Many Reiki practitioners intuitively add a crystal or crystals within their reiki sessions, this workshop is
structured to provide a foundation for you to work from.

Suitable if you are enrolled on or have completed the certificate in Reiki stage 1 or above.

Crystals will be made available for use on the day and with the option to purchase.

  • What is Crystal Reiki and its benefits

  • Crystals - Structure, Forms & Shapes

  • How to incorporate crystals within your reiki sessions

  • Crystal Reiki grids

  • Self-Care and support

  • And more ……

A very practical workshop introducing simple crystal techniques that can be combined with

You will go home with a set of crystals that you have worked with during the workshop

Investment for this course is £88, inclusive of crystals

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