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Introduction to Crystal Skulls

I have often been asked so what is the fascination with Crystal Skulls. This workshop will delve into the mystery of crystal skulls.


​In this workshop we will cover: 

  • Why Crystal Skulls? – Brief History, 13 skulls of Atlantis

  • Choosing a Crystal Skull – Or does the Crystal Skull choose you?

  • Caring for your Skull – Cleansing, Charging, Storage/Transportation

  • Energy Management – How to connect, ground & meditate with your skull

  • Healing techniques & grids – self healing, distant & group

  • And much more……


This as with all my workshops & courses will be a very practical hands on workshop which will give you the confidence to work with crystal skulls from the complete beginner to those already working with them.


Please bring along any crystal skulls you wish to work with. However, there will be a selection of crystal skulls available for you to work with and that are seeking guardians. You will also go away with a small crystal skull.


Refreshments will be provided throughout the workshop.

Investment for this course is £88 inclusive of Crystals.

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