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crystal healing level 1


Whether you are a complete beginner or have already embarked on your crystal journey, this 2-day course will take you on a journey of self-discovery & healing. 


This course is set to inspire and give you a strong foundation for using crystals for your self-development and healing for yourself, family and friends.


​In this course we will cover: 

  • What Are Crystals – Brief History, how they work. 


  • Does the shape matter? Raw or Polished?


  • Buying/Choosing Crystals – How to choose crystals, Dowsing - use of a pendulum


  • Crystal energy experience


  • Caring for your crystals – Cleansing, Charging, Programming, Storage


  • Introduction to the Chakras – What are they, where are they, how they work


  • Energy Management – How to connect, ground & protect with the use of crystals.


  • Crystal Healing treatments – Practical experience giving & receiving treatments 1:1, group and distant healing


  • Working with different Crystal sculpts – Skulls, Spheres, Merkabah’s


  • Crystal Meditations & Journeying


  • And more….



You will go home with a set of crystals that you have worked with during the 2 days to enable you to continue working with the crystal energy.

Investment for this course is £225 inclusive of Crystals, Workbook & Certificate

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