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sound healing


Whether you are a complete beginner to healing or have already embarked on your healing journey, tuning forks will be a great addition to your everyday routine for self-care. 

Penny King using Tuning Forks for sound healing

​In this course we will cover: 

  • Sound healing history, theory and practice

  • Creating safe space for your self-care practice

  • An overview of anatomy and physiology and how it relates to Sound Healing

  • The anatomy of the seven main chakras

  • Tuning fork techniques and protocols for self-care

  • How to integrate tuning fork techniques within your everyday life

  • and more….


This hands on very practical course is delivered over two consecutive days of live teaching, or in four parts online via zoom.

Investment for this course is £333 inclusive of Tuning Forks, Manual & Certificate of Attendance.

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