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Introduction to CrystalS

If you have an interest in crystals and would like to find out a little bit more about them, then this workshop is for you!

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This workshop will provide you with all the practical experience and information you need to go away and be confident with starting or continuing your crystal journey.


  • What are Crystals – Brief History, how they work

  • Does the shape matter? Raw or Polished?

  • Buying/Choosing Crystals – How to choose crystals, Dowsing - use of a pendulum

  • Caring for your crystals – Cleansing, Charging, Storage/Transportation/Placement of crystals

  • Introduction to the Chakras

  • Energy Management – How to connect, ground & protect with the use of crystals

  • Crystals for Daily Life – Crystal Healing, Crystals around your home & workplace, Crystals for children, Birthstones

  • And more…..


You will go home with a set of crystals that you have chosen and worked with during the workshop to enable you to continue working with the crystal energy.

Investment for this course is £88 inclusive of Crystals.

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