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Introduction to tuning forks

In this practical workshop we will work with a selection of Tuning Forks. 

Tuning Fork for Sound Healing Penny King

Learn about the various frequencies of tuning forks and what they can be used for. We will experience how to enter a state of deep relaxation using a tuning fork. As well as how we can attune our vibration to deal with life and what it throws at us.


  • What is Sound Healing? – Brief History, Sound Modalities

  • What is a Tuning Fork – History, Frequencies

  • Weighted or Unweighted forks – which to use

  • Experience deep peace and relaxation

  • Learn how sound vibration can be used in all aspects of your life on a daily basis – on all level


No mind chatter, just peace …

Just sit and BE…


One of the forks we will be using is the OM. The OM Tuning Fork may still the brain so deep states of alpha brainwaves are achieved … (benefits include increased attention span, enhanced learning & creativity, increased positivity and complete relaxation of the body and more...)


All forks used on this workshop are available for purchase on the day.


Investment for this course is £88

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