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Crystals for Forgiveness

Crystals for Forgiveness malachite with Chrysocolla Penny King
Malachite with Chrysocolla

Has someone hurt you? Do you want to let go of that pain? Or maybe it's yourself that you need to forgive.

This Global Forgiveness Day, July 7th, this is your reminder that holding onto hurt and anger only continues to harm you. It's time to release that burden and find peace. Crystals can be powerful allies in this journey, and today we're focusing on one of the best combinations for forgiveness: Malachite with Chrysocolla.

Why Malachite with Chrysocolla?

This unique combination of Malachite and Chrysocolla offers profound healing properties that can aid in the process of forgiveness. Here’s how:

1. Emotional Healing

Malachite with Chrysocolla helps release deep-seated emotional traumas, making it easier to let go of past hurts and embrace forgiveness.

Forgiveness often requires us to confront and release old emotional wounds. Malachite with Chrysocolla facilitates this by bringing hidden pain to the surface and allowing you to process and heal it.


  • Releases emotional traumas

  • Helps let go of past hurts

  • Encourages emotional healing

2. Heart Chakra Activation

This powerful combination opens and cleanses the heart chakra, promoting love, compassion, and understanding—key elements for true forgiveness.

The heart chakra is central to our ability to forgive and love unconditionally. By cleansing and activating this chakra, Malachite with Chrysocolla fosters a sense of compassion and empathy, essential for forgiving others and ourselves.


  • Opens the heart chakra

  • Promotes love and compassion

  • Enhances understanding

3. Transformation

Malachite is known for its transformative properties, helping you move past old grudges and negative patterns to foster a forgiving mindset.

Holding onto grudges can hinder personal growth. Malachite supports transformation, helping you break free from these negative patterns and embrace a more forgiving perspective.


  • Supports personal transformation

  • Helps move past grudges

  • Encourages a forgiving mindset

4. Calm and Clarity

Chrysocolla brings a calming energy, providing clarity and peace of mind, which are essential for the process of forgiving both yourself and others.

Forgiveness requires a calm and clear mind. Chrysocolla’s soothing energy helps quiet mental turmoil, providing the clarity needed to understand and forgive past actions.


  • Provides calming energy

  • Enhances mental clarity

  • Promotes peace of mind

5. Protection and Communication

Combined in one crystal, this stone aids open, honest communication and protects against negative energies, creating a safe space for emotional healing and forgiveness.

Effective communication is crucial in the forgiveness process. This crystal combination enhances your ability to express your feelings and facilitates reconciliation, while also protecting you from negative influences.


  • Enhances open communication

  • Protects against negative energies

  • Creates a safe space for healing

Final Thoughts... Crystals for Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a powerful step towards emotional freedom and peace. Malachite with Chrysocolla can be a valuable companion in this journey, helping you release past pain, transform negative patterns, and develop a forgiving mindset.

Ready to start your journey to forgiveness? Shop online now and find your perfect crystal match!

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