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Manifesting with Crystals for the Summer Solstice & Strawberry Full Moon

Summer Solstice at Stone Henge with Penny Kind Crystals Logo
Summer Solstice at Stone Henge

Harnessing the Summer Solstice to Manifest Your Highest Intentions

This year, the Summer Solstice coincides with the June Strawberry Full Moon, making it an especially powerful time for setting and manifesting your highest intentions through ritual. For centuries, our ancestors celebrated the Summer Solstice with fire and ceremonies, honouring the Sun at its zenith and marking the longest day of the year. The added energy of the Full Moon amplifies the power of this sacred time, providing a unique opportunity to release, cleanse, and renew.

A ritual is about empowering intentions by connecting physical actions to them. Rituals can be incredibly powerful when you want to set intentions, signalling to the Universe that you are clear about your desires and committed to them.

When you incorporate crystals into your Summer Solstice manifestation ritual, you amplify their power with your intentions. Keeping these crystals close or wearing them afterwards helps to elevate your vibration, serving as a reminder to remain mindful and purposeful in your words and actions.

Rituals can help you move past the old and clear negative energies or patterns that no longer serve you. This guide is a framework for your Summer Solstice ritual—trust your intuition and make it your own.

a woman with oracle cards and crystals manifesting
Create space and time for your ritual

Summer Solstice Ritual

1. Prepare a Space Create a designated space for your ritual, whether it's a piece of fabric, a tray, or the top of a windowsill. Mark this area clearly as your sacred space for ritual work.

Next, choose some sacred objects. This is often the most enjoyable part. Select crystals and found items like feathers, seashells, and acorns that you feel drawn to. Arrange them around a candle at the centre of your space. You might pull an oracle card or add flowers—whatever feels right for you. Light your candle, honouring the gift of the Sun.

2. Purify Purify your space by burning a sustainable herbal bundle, palo santo, incense, or whatever you prefer. Waft the smoke over your space and yourself, allowing it to cleanse and purify, making room for new intentions.

3. Set Your Intentions Once your mind is clear, consider the new ways of being you wish to invite. How do you want to feel and act from this moment forward? What intentions do you want to manifest this new season? Take your time envisioning who and what you will be, and fully embrace it with every part of your being.

4. Be Grateful You now stand on the threshold of a new life. Embrace the opportunity to release, grow, change, and welcome new beginnings. Give thanks for this chance to co-create your new reality, knowing the Universe supports you. Sit in gratitude—it helps to move the energy forward.

When you're finished, you may leave your candle burning if it's safe to do so. I often let my candle burn out completely, solidifying the ritual and honouring the Sun's energy in my life.

a large amber crystals glowing by Penny King Crystals
Glowing Amber

Supportive Crystals for the Summer Solstice:

  • Tiger Eye for Empowerment: This stone helps align you with your highest self, aiding in the accomplishment of your intentions. Use Tiger Eye if you feel out of alignment.

  • Aventurine for Prosperity: Ideal for manifesting abundance and prosperity, Aventurine opens your mind to creativity and possibility, helping you find solutions even in challenging situations.

  • Garnet for Passion: Direct this passion towards your desires. Garnet also encourages focus and motivation.

  • Sunstone for Self-Worth: Carrying the life-giving energies of the Sun, Sunstone helps you recognise your own value. Believing in your worth is essential for manifestation.

  • Citrine for Manifestation: A powerful crystal for amplifying your manifesting power, Citrine boosts personal momentum, motivation, and clarity about your desires.

  • Carnelian for Abundance & Happiness: This vibrant crystal resonates with the Sun's energy, amplifying happiness and attracting prosperity and abundance through its joyful vibrations.

  • Amethyst for Healing: Use Amethyst for emotional, physical, or spiritual healing. It creates a calm, quiet space for your body, mind, and soul to heal.

  • Chrysocolla for Hope: This crystal embodies hope, amplifying it into any situation. Chrysocolla helps clear the past and motivates you to look ahead with joy and freedom.

  • Amber for Solar Energy and Protection: Amber, with its warm, golden hues, is perfect for the Summer Solstice. This ancient resin captures the Sun's energy and brings a sense of warmth and protection. Amber helps to purify negative energy, promote healing, and attract positive energy. It is especially beneficial for grounding and stabilising your intentions, making it an excellent addition to your manifestation rituals.

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